7.7.2012 – A Very Good Day in ClemmzVille's Sports & Entertainment History

7.7.2012 – A Very Good Day in ClemmzVille’s Sports & Entertainment History

“…Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp/and it read “Clemm’z a pimp”/Drunk as hell but no throwing up/Half way home and my pager still blowing up/Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K./I got to say it was a good day” 

So everybody should know recognize the Ice Cube classic once you substitute “Ice Cube” for “Clemmz”. Let me share my version of the story and my song at the end.

[ 12 am 7.7.12]… Fairly Shitty start to the day

Started with me passing thru a few parties doing promo for my pre-birthday party @SummerBLISS0707 later that day. Partying is fine, but when it’s a business, not so much… anyhoo, I got about two hours sleep to recharge for the big day, picked up my partners in crime decor maven Jokhou and her team then headed down to the event venue to setup. After that it was pick up supplies, finalize preparations and tie up the loose ends for the event, check on everybody & and figure out how the hell I could squeeze in the football match I promised teammates I’d be at by 2:30pm on the same day of an event. All in all, up to 2pm the day was the regular shitty & stressful day you have on the day of an event with no early end in sight.

[ 2pm 7.7.12] … Getting Shittier by the minute

I somehow made the time to leave the venue, grab some patty and juice and headed up to the field. I was hungry as hell but eating anything else so close to match time, being dehydrated in the middle of a hot day with alcohol in the system would have been disastrous. When I reached at the field in sneakers because I couldn’t find my football shoes, I was prepared for the worst. I basically planned to play a defensive role where I could conserve my energy for the real business of the day. Thankfully they were running behind so I had a little time to sort out a few more things for the event.

[3pm 7.7.12] … Things to do, but it’s match time

After dispensing a few tickets for the event later, some basic warm-up & an earful from my teammates about how the hell was I going to stay on my feet on high green grass in THOSE SHOES, I took to the field. Maybe the good thing was, my mind was so focused on the event, I didn’t have time to think the game. Whatever it was, the game turned out to be pretty special.

The league is a 7-a-side football competition which features a varying demographic – older, younger, similar age to mine. They are randomly selected from the football club i’m affiliated with to provide some equity. So far my team KC Real Madrid (yes, we even wear the official strip) had lost only 1 game and won the other 4, sitting at the top of the league, but with no more than a 2 goal margin of victory so far. Our all-round balance in attack and defense had been our calling card so far. After the first game blip where  we missed a penalty, we had pretty much gotten by by outscoring our opponents. I played in the middle of the park in either a defensive or attacking role as the game dictated.

[3:05 pm 7.7.12] InGame, not so bad after all

So the game starts and I realize our opponent, Spurs, are not applying much pressure or attacking with much pace so I pushed further forward, with Texas close behind. Pretty early in the game, I broke down the right flank and basically had time to wait and commit my forward’s defender to leave him to tackle me. Walker, our forward, stepped into the space he left and wasted no time in converting that pass into a rocket of a shot to the roof of the net. The day was looking up; this one looked easy enough, thankfully.

[3:10 pm or thereabouts] InGame…back to Square 1… (Shitty again)

So the Spurs team got a break or corner, I can’t remember which, but all I remember is us giving someone all the space in the world to cross the ball to an unmarked Wayne Marshall for a free header at the back post. 1-1.  Damnit. Diving header, dreadlocks flying all over the place as he ran off celebrating.

[3:20 or so] In Game… back to looking up

So we regained control and had pretty much our own way. The forwards were moving well so I had the benefit of the space they created coming from midfield, creating a few chances. I had one opportunity where  I dribbled into the box, swore I had gotten round the defender but was fouled from behind. The ref didn’t see it that way, and the weak, off-balance shot I got off should probably have been a pass. I also had a neat interplay with Walker which put me through clean on goal but I did a Balotelli… waiting too long to get the shot off, allowing the defender to take me down from behind but with enough of the ball that the ref didn’t bother to blow for a penalty. Sigh.

[forget this timing business, damnit… this goes up to party time]

Maybe because I was so pissed at missing the chances, I don’t know, but I became more aggressive afterwards & by the end of the game I had shaken this off and racked up 2 more  goals and 1 more assist to contribute my best statistical output so far. The most important goal for me was still my only previous goal to settle a close, competitive game, but 7.7.2012 was special because I got three good goals and two good assists. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if I am sitting in front of a computer writing this particular story, chances are I don’t score that many goals. Anyway continue reading… at your own peril.

The first goal was a peach…

I showed for a throw-in on the left to make space for Walker and I immediately turned back towards goal to receive the pass. My defender had followed the throw and gone towards Walker to tackle him so by the time Walker saw my run and gently cushioned the ball off his thigh to me, it was a space equidistant from that defender, the one approaching from the penalty box, myself and another teammate. I had momentum so I knew I would reach the ball before them, just as I knew how much time I would have to shoot when I got past him to avoid the other defender blocking the shot. I simply waited enough for the defender ahead of me to feel he could win the ball then stretch to reach it. He actually got to the ball first but he was off-balance and not in control of the ball. I knew he would try to foul me so I braced for the impact. It was weak because he was so off -balance; I easily absorbed it, won the ball and moved it through the tight gap between him and my teammate before their momentum closed it. I pushed the ball where I wanted to kick it from… dead centre above the middle of the penalty box before the other two defenders had a chance to close down the shot. I took a step to steady myself, planted my foot for the shot, picked my spot and had a clean, vicious strike with those big old sneakers, last seen on my feet at J’ouvert during Carnival. I put the laces throught that b*tch, I tell you… the keeper was under it but the shot was too powerful for him to react quickly enough to, let alone stop. It went right through his hands, left him in the same place he was before the shot, caromed off the underside of the bar to roll down the back of the net.

Aaaahhh. Perfect. Orgasmic. A thing of beauty.

and, more importantly, caught on camera. Never mind it was just my regular blackberry video camera, it was enough. My cuz who was helping me out with the event had decided to get some footage, God bless him. I’ve looked back at that goal a few times since then, then felt like I had to share it with my friends who demanded evidence. Then because the day turned out so great, I just edited the clips he had gotten, did a video and blogged it for my future reference.

I was in a groove after that

Recognizing that the keeper’s reaction time was  was not the best, I just made sure I got the shots off quickly before he could set himself. For one goal I got a ball on the left side, dribbled left then cut back right sharply to lose the defender and immediately kicked to the near post before the keeper could readjust. Goal. For the other one, I think I dribbled right got past a defender, the goalkeeper came to the right side of the goal too so it was a matter of guiding the shot to the far post. I was really feeling it by then and after a nice exchange of passes I made a run past a defender to receive the ball in the box. I had time to get off a shot ahead of the oncoming defender but I also knew Dane would be making a run to my left into the box. When he came into view, so did his defender leaving him to try to close down my shot as I knew he would. I continued the motion as if I was going to shoot, waited for him and the defender facing me to try to close it down then passed left at the last minute.  Dane was waiting eagerly waiting in acres of space and knew exactly where he was going to put the ball if  and when he got it… if, because I had a hat-trick so I couldn’t  be faulted if I tried for one more on a day like this.

A great assist for me is as good as, or better than a good goal sometimes.

When you visualize a play in your head and make it happen on the field in real life, trust me, that feeling is probably on the same level as an artist visualizing a concept and manifesting it on canvas. Take the first goal for example: I practically knew exactly what I was going to do about 5 plays before, given the options.

  • I didn’t want the ball from the throw, but I broke hard to the thrower, which meant he couldn’t give me the ball. However this would take one defender out of the space I eventually wanted to receive the ball and also give my teammate more time to control and decide his next move.
  • If I immediately turned back to goal and demanded the ball he is going to pass it to me, I just needed to give him space to make a good pass
  • By then I would have space I needed because my defender’s momentum would have either taken him past me towards the thrower, or if he was smart and had stopped and waited for to turn back, by timing the run right I would still have the benefit of momentum so he couldn’t stop me anyway.
  • By leaving enough distance for the oncoming defender to think he could reach the ball before me, chances are he would take the bait with the split-second decision he had, and come out of the space I wanted to get to in an attempt to win the ball.
  • I knew I would beat him to it so I had time to decide past the next play, look at the spacing, the defenders behind him, decide where I needed to shoot from and how many touches to take. 1 touch to get past him, one to where I wanted to kick it from
  • By the time I got to kicking the ball I would have nothing to worry about but to properly balance myself, pick my spot and shoot.

 For the assists, after the passing sequence and run,

the simple goals were beautiful for me,

because I saw them about two or three plays before they happened, and they played out precisely how I envisaged. I both influenced and allowed the plays to develop, created space and time for my teammates and then delivered the ball in the best position for them to score. That is my objective – when I play – to create easy chances… to create simple, beautiful goals. If I can influence goals in that way I couldn’t care less if I got on the scoresheet. So even that day my teammates weren’t satisfied because they were complaining that I didn’t go for more. Sigh. You just can’t please people.

Anyhoo, this is a long-ass post to just show a youtube video, but fuq it, this is my blog, I don’t really care that that you’ve had to suffer through it. lol.  You didn’t have to read it, did you? Anyway, here is the edit I did with limited time and no intention to create an audiovisual masterpiece. Without further ado…

here’s the one goal, the 1 assist and the half-chances my cuz captured.

[7.7.2012: 10pm – 4:30 am]

Later that evening the party was great, thankfully…

Summer B.L.I.S.S. 7.7.2012 Bottles, Ballers & Models Edition

A few scenes from Summer B.L.I.S.S. 7.7.2012 Bottles, Ballers & Models Edition

But make no mistake… o 7.7.2012 was a good one not just because I go to do two of the things I love most or because it was one of those rare days when you achieve results beyond what is usual. It was a fulfilling, enjoyable day where you forget all obstacles and what didn’t go your way because…

you get to share some pretty special moments with the people who matter most – friends and family.

So let me leave you with this classic to sum it up [be warned, explicit lyrics! This is Ice Cube, it’s gangsta rap and it was the 90’s, go figure]

You really didn’t expect a video of me singing, did you?

@ClemmzForrester – 20120709

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