Who I Listened In 2012▶ ZJ Chrome (ZIPFM) ~@ZJChrome @ZIP103FM

Chrome (the #TNS / #TeamNoSleep chairman/spokesman) has consistently been one of Jamaica’s top Djs in recent times, and one of, if not the most popular dj’s on the popular ZIP 103 FM radio station, twitter and on the party/events circuit. Chrome is a name you see on almost every flyer for a top party. He’s also pretty cool to work with, professional and never stops working to improve his skills. He just dropped two hot mixtapes in December. “This is How You Juggle in Jamaica”  is mainly dancehall (wait for the player to load below then hit the play button for that one)

The other a multi-genre mix – “The Untouchable 2”, a follow-up to his Untouchable mix released early this year. My preference is multi-genre and remix mixtapes so this is the one that I’ve been playing on repeat since I downloaded it. It’s one of the hottest, if not the hottest mixtapes out of Jamaica this year. That one you have to download off the ZipFm.net site here:


 His stuff is at https://soundcloud.com/zjchrome and on the zipfm.net site. His twitter is @ZJChrome.

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  1. mi boss a alton from back to yowww u a the baddest ting ever guh roun a mixa mi a tell yuh that straight u a mi dan

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