Love & Respect – the Cure for Everything ~#ClemmzGemz by @CleMMzForrester

Love & Respect – the Cure for Everything


Ever since the dawn of time man has sought to conquer everything.

Everything that is, but himself.

The same basic problems facing mankind now are the same ones that faced us when we were living in caves…

bruality towards our fellow man, war, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony etc., etc., etc.

We have continued commit the same, if not worse atrocities against each other and the environment,

We have moved away from a community and family focus to one of “me-only” selfishness and the acquisition of material wealth & ‘things’ to the detriment of this and future generations, not to mention the environment


So I ask “how have we really progressed if we aren’t better humans than we were 2,000 years ago?”


Jesus’ solution – “love your fellow human as you love yourself” might seem too much to you…

Well, how about “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?

Either way, for me, love and respect are fundamental to our harmonious coexistence


Love and Respect for yourself

Love and Respect for the environment

Love and Respect for others

Respecting others includes their right to their own opinions, wisdom, folly, perceived stupidity or whatever personality traits you think they have, just as you would like to be respected and respecting that everyone has something to offer.


Imagine a world where

you could take people at their word, you don’t have to worry about being envied, slandered, robbed, murdered for what all you have worked so hard for because someone was too lazy to do the same, and,

people didn’t care to exploit others or the environment at any cost because of selfishness and greed…

because they  were too busy minding their own business and trying to be the best person they could be?


 There’d be harmony with humans and nature

because we wouldn’t be bent on short-term exploitation and cutting corners trying to make a quick buck, because…

We’d be thinking about what we leave for the next generation and the impact on others.

We’d be thinking not just how we could improve ourselves and our families, but also how we could improve others, our community, our children, our nation, our world.

Instead of you just working for ourselves, we  would have an entire world also working for us, because we’d be enlightened and trusting enough to realize that progress for one is progress for the collective.


Think about where we would be as a collective

if the energy and money we have expended in waging and preventing wars since the dawn of time were invested in simply improving ourselves, our environment, the ones we love… our friends, families, our communities, our nations, our regions…. our world?

Well, I’m “an idealist and you know that’s Utopian bullsh*t and that won’t happen“, but…

how about just starting with yourself?

– Why not just try living and showing love and respect anyway and see how people react to it? Chances are…

more people than you think will respond to you in kind,

love the positive energy they get off you


want to follow your lead.


It may be idealistic

It may be Utopian,

I may not be able to change the whole world, but


I can start with me.


Who knows? Maybe everyone else will follow



Copyright (2013) Clement Forrester


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