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Monday, May 21, 2013

Kiwanis Clubs Gear up for A Busy Labour Day 2013

No-one looks forward to Labour Day quite like a Kiwanian. With a founding motto of “We Build”, events like Labour Day bring out a deeply entrenched ethos embedded in the culture of Kiwanis, a not-for-profit service organization established in over 80 nations and geographic regions across the globe. Throughout each year, Kiwanis Clubs worldwide devote more than 6 million volunteer hours to nearly 150,000 service projects, not just on a designated “Labour Day”.

A History of Labour

Since the launch of the Kiwanis movement in Jamaica in 1964, Kiwanis clubs across Jamaica have historically used Labour Day to launch or put the finishing touches on major construction or refurbishing projects. My club, the Kiwanis Club of North St. Andrew has had a longstanding relationship with the Bustamante Children’s Hospital, having built a day care centre, an isolation ward, nurses’ hostel and erected signboards and other facilities. We return this Labour Day as part of a four month long refurbishing initiative. We have also maintained a close relationship with the Mico College where we built a Youth Counselling Centre, the Women’s Centre on Trafalgar Road, Play Area at VOUCH and many other structures in and around Kingston. Not that we have not confined our projects to our geographical confines – the Moffat Basic School and Community Centre, erected jointly with the St Thomas Kiwanis Club and other projects across the island still provide their inanimate testimony.

This tradition also applies to the Kiwanis Club of Stony Hill (Branch library, Clinic, Medical Resource Centre, Post Office etc), the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Kingston (the Kiwanis Downtown Park), May Pen (housing for the elderly) and other Kiwanis clubs across the island too numerous to mention. As such, the imprints of Kiwanis Clubs can be seen all over the island in the construction, enhancement or extension of Basic Schools, Day Care Centres, Classrooms, School Blocks, Recreational Areas, Green Areas, Hospital Wings, Hostels and Clinics. Reading and Computer Centres, Libraries, Medical Resource Facilities, Community Centres, Homes for the elderly and displaced and even Parks and Gardens are some of the other projects executed by Kiwanis Clubs acting on their own or in partnership with State Bodies, corporate entities and community groups over the years.

Labour For Our “Young Children, Priority One”

In Kiwanis we consider “Young Children Priority One”. While earlier projects focused on erecting structures centred around the needs of children and the elderly, there has been a shift towards refurbishing and maintenance in recent years. This has further been shaped by a harsher economic climate. The adoption of a new motto “Serving the Children of the World” by Kiwanians in 2005 as part of our mandate to “change the world one child, one community at a time” has only strengthened the Labour Day focus to ensure the comfort and safety of our children and the less fortunate. Recent projects have expanded to include projects like pedestrian crossings, renovations, fencing, roofing, upgrading paediatric wards and other medical facilities, schools, churches and Womens’ Resource Centres. There has also been a trend towards building of play areas, painting, refurbishing and landscaping. This Labour day, look out for Kiwanians in communities from one end of the island to the other working side by side with members of their communities on community projects or Parish Projects. Our youngsters from our sponsored service leadership groups in schools are an integral part of our projects, so they will also be out in their numbers giving back to their communities. Below are some of the projects being executed by Kiwanis Clubs across the island in tandem with our youth from our sponsored leadership programs in schools. This is by no means a complete list, nor is it meant to be.

A Few of Our Labour Day 2013 Projects

In Kingston,

  • The Kiwanis Club of North St Andrew will be joined by the Kiwanis Club of St Andrew at the Bustamante Hospital for Children cutting down and trimming trees ahead of the hurricane season.
  • The Kiwanis club of East Charlton will be working in the Papine/Hope Estate installing a swing and see-saw and renovating a recreational area and gate and tree-planting to create a “green space” as part of an “Inclusive Village
  • The Stony Hill Club will be doing painting at the Glenhope Nursery, New Kingston will be one of the clubs painting pedestrian crossings
  • The Kingston and Downtown Kingston Clubs will be doing painting at Chetolah Primary and Richmond Park Prep schools respectively
  • The Constant Spring Club will be planting trees and painting at the Hope Valley Experimental School

In St Catherine, the Kiwanis Clubs of Central Portmore, South St. Catherine, Greater Portmore, Portmore and Hellshire will join forces to build a play area for the students at the Port Henderson Church of God Basic School.

The St. Mary Club will be refurbishing a bus shed while the May Pen Club will be working on the Parish Project.

Out West,

  • The Hanover Club will be at the Orange Bay Basic School
  • The Westmoreland Club at Roaring River Early Childhood Institute
  • The Falmouth Club will be undertaking Cleaning up of Falmouth and
  • The St James Club will be doing repairs to the Charles Gordon Market.

If you haven’t yet decided on a project, why not join up with a Kiwanis group in your area? We love to serve so the ‘Labour Day’ will be a fun day for us. Come be a part of the experience and help us to help you improve Jamaica one child, one community at a time.

Below is a collage of Kiwanians in action from past Labour Day projects. Clubs pictured include North St. Andrew, Downtown Kingston, Liguanea, West St. Andrew, New Kingston, Stony Hill, Kingston and Constant Spring.

Kiwanis Clubs out and about on Labour Day

Kiwanis Clubs out and about on Labour Day


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