Choosing Which Battles to Fight / Allowing ~ @KiwanisNSA Inspirational Thought for the Week June 2, 2013

Choosing Which Battles To Fight

Have you ever felt totally exhausted and somewhat frustrated at the end of a day ?

It might be a signal that you have placed your body on “over drive”, so that you are now feeling emotionally depleted and physically drained.    
We spend a fair portion of our time in what can be described as “outing fires” not realising the potential for burnout. We can certainly exhaust our energies by overextending ourselves.
We must take one step at a time with the realization that we are not indispensable, and the world will continue functioning long after we have left the scene.
In any given day, there are numerous situations demanding our attention. We need to learn that not all battles are worth fighting, and we should not engage ourselves in every issue that requires a fight.
Life is too short to spend fighting endless battles.  Let us fight the ones that are worth the wounds.
Sincerely speaking | Webster Edwards | Vol. 1. Number 47 | May 10, 2013


  • Wonderful, amazing things happen when you stop trying and start allowing.
  • Instead of fighting the effort, unify yourself with it, and your effectiveness goes through the roof.
  • Free yourself from the intense need to do something, and you unlock massive amounts of energy to actually get it done. Tap into the powerful momentum that’s already there by allowing yourself to continue creating meaningful value.
  • Achievement is a process of allowing what exists in your imagination to be expressed in concrete form. Fulfillment is a process of allowing what you treasure in your heart to expand so that it fills your world.
  • If you practice worry, deception, envy, fear or resentment, you block the power of your own beautiful purpose. Make the choice to let those things go, and allow your life to express your highest values and most treasured dreams.
  • Instead of forcing yourself to do what you don’t want to do, enthusiastically allow yourself to do what you know you can do. Allow yourself to engage in and enjoy the delightful daily work of true fulfillment.
  • Move gently out of the way of your own creative spirit. And allow yourself to continually do great and wonderful things.

[This week’s Thought for the Week is provided by DLG Doug on behalf of the KCNSA Human & Values Committee. It is sourced from Rev Webster Edwards]

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