Give the Best / Creating a More Humane Society ~ @KiwanisNSA Inspirational Thought/Reflection – June 16, 2013

Give the Best

 When you value what you have, you make what you have more valuable. When you care about what you’re doing, you make what you’re doing much more effective.

  • Give the best of yourself to the moment, and the moment becomes filled with great treasure. Be generous to others with your time and attention, and you’ll find yourself among delightful companions.
  • Life is largely what you give it. Offer yourself sincerely and abundantly, and that true abundance will be reflected in the world you experience.
  • If you proffer complaints, you’ll receive much to complain about. When you give love, there will be much to love.
  • Improve yourself, your actions, your outlook, and your world improves. Be genuinely useful, and you’ll have much more with which to work.
  • What flows out from you surely, eventually and in greater measure flows back to you. Give your very best, and it comes back even better.

Creating a More Humane Society

Mankind has always been inspired to do things better, quicker and faster. Plans have now been revealed for the building of a Supersonic plane that will travel twice the speed of the Concorde and significantly slash the flying time across the Atlantic.

The plane will travel so fast that a trip from New York to Sydney will be reduced from twenty hours to just five hours, and  London to New York will take a mere two hours.

Compare this with the feat of Charles Lindbergh 86 years ago when he piloted the first airplane “Spirit of St Louis ” which took some 33  1/2  hours to make the trip from New York to Paris.

And his baggage for the trip, four sandwiches, two canteens of water and 451 gallons of gas. Today we tend to take flying for granted, seldom thinking about the many failures, tragedies that paved the way for the lifestyle that we today enjoy.

There is absolutely no doubt that the world has come a far way in scientific and technological developments.

Today, the real challenge is for us to try and create a more humane society, one in which there is compassion, tolerance and understanding.

Sincerely speaking | Webster Edwards | Vol. 1. Number 62 | June 6, 2013

[This week’s Thought for the Week is provided by DLG Doug on behalf of the KCNSA Human & Values Committee. It is sourced from Rev Webster Edwards]

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