Leadership is not for the faint-hearted/How You Can ~ @KiwanisNSA Inspirational Thought for the Week July 7, 2013

Leadership is not for the Faint-hearted

He  gave his all, but that was not enough. The only thing left for poor ‘Tappa’ Whitmore was to place himself on the playing field among the starting eleven.

With victory comes popularity and many accolades, targets unrealized bring condemnation and a chorus of disapproval.  Yes, that is the story of life. But consider for a moment Tappa’s difficulty in getting players to practice
as a constant unit.

Those of us who have been tasked with the burden of leadership,  know the inherent challenges to be confronted, especially within a context of inefficiency and unpredictability..

Yet the anger experienced by fans at the seeming end of “the road to Brazil” is somewhat understandable, as leadership’s most valuable asset is the ability to think, to act creatively and to meet objectives.

Leaders therefore have to be strong, have to be decisive, have to take criticism, and be prepared to face the consequences

Leadership is not for the fainthearted. Tappa’s leadership might not have achieved the desired results, but he certainly gave it all he had..

Sincerely speaking | Webster Edwards | Vol. 1. Number 65 | June 9, 2013

How You Can

Don’t ask yourself if you can do it. Ask yourself how you can do it.

Then, remind yourself why you want to do it in the first place. And let yourself feel, right now, how good it will feel when you’ve achieved whatever it is you wish to achieve.

Assume that there’s a way, and suddenly there’s a way. Focus on it, get going, and keep moving.

You have unique, valuable contributions to make to life. Your authentic desires point the way, and it’s your job to follow through.

Choose to put your time and awareness into living your highest intentions. Choose to spend your life fully living your destiny.

Remind yourself why, ask yourself how, and refuse to stop until you get a solid, workable answer. Commit to finding a way to put your skills, resources, time and effort to meaningful and loving use.


[This week’s Thought for the Week is provided by DLG Doug on behalf of the KCNSA Human & Values Committee. It is sourced from Rev Webster Edwards]

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