Meditation 101 – Attitude of Gratitude ~#CleMMzPoetry #CleMMzZen

Poetic Meditations: Attitude of Gratitude


3:30 am.
All is well.
No thought of the daily mayhem
Doubtless to ensue after the imminent alarm bell.

Just perfect Peace, perfect Quiet,
God’s air my only diet
With every moment enchanted
Never taking life’s simple gifts for granted.

Precious treasure, each breath

Slow-forward to three-forty-five
Still giving thanks just to be alive,
Quietly calming the hive
When mental bees contrive
In confusion to drive
Uncontrolled thoughts to chaotically collide.
No effort required to quell the brewing mental landslide.

Nothing else exists but me, Creator, open, clear mind
Relieved of burden, of energy-draining daily grind.
No budget, no deadline,
No schedule, no time.

Just an amalgam of life and time compressed in one breath
That thinnest of curtains protecting life from death.
Acknowledging only gratitude for the one that comes next
That fleeting lease on life, that most beautiful reflex.

Another heartbeat
Beautiful repeat.
Enjoyed in my mind’s eye, in a plush, luxurious seat

No cares or fears in the uber-comfort suite
Just savour all of life, both bitter and sweet,
Perfectly at peace at my Creator’s feet.

No words needed, me and the Creator are one.
In perfect harmony, meditation 101.

2016 June 18

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