The Photograper Photographs the Photographer ~#CleMMzPhotography #ForresterEntPhotos

Some times you want to capture a moment but you have no-one to capture it. That’s when…

The Photographer Photographs the Photographer

Reflections... Thanksgiving

Giving thanks… <click for full-sized photo>

New hotel, same routine…

“Highest floor available, whichever side the sun sets, please…”

Check in, rest the bags beside the bed for easy access, check out the amenities of the room, connect to wi-fi, check out the view, pull out my camera to capture it. Turning off all the lights to get rid of the reflections off the window, I setup the tripod I never leave home without and captured a few shots of the nightscape.

Afterwards, I just relaxed quietly in the darkness for a five-minute meditation…

the kind you need to get your mind right after a long day of travel.

I wanted to freeze that moment and capture that feeling of utter, complete gratitude and thanksgiving. For getting to my destination safely, for all the last-minute arrangements working out, for no injuries, no drama at the airport,

for just being alive.

I wanted to see what that feeling looked like, to see if I could capture all that in a photo, while also capturing the intimacy of the room and its cozy feel. This room was somewhere I could make my home and workplace for the next few days.

Visualizing the Shot

With the lights back on, I checked out the lighting options and reflections against the thick glass window. It almost had the opacity of a mirror because of the jet black darkness you get outside 22 floors up. The lighting inside came mostly from lamps, which gave the room a cozy, intimate feel, while allowing in just enough light from the city outside. I tested out the two adjustable reading lights on each bed and thought

I have all I need for a makeshift photo studio.

By focusing those lights to accentuate one corner of the room and manipulating the soft lighting, I had what I needed to compose the shot I had in mind.

Creating the Shot

The best angle for the shot was from the TV stand. I got to work rearranging the makeshift studio a little bit…. position and extend the tripod to get the TV out of the picture, compose the shot, direct the reading lights from two directions to light the same spot and create me the shadows I wanted, setup the timer,

switch roles from Photographer to model,

took a few shots with presses of the remote trigger,

made my choice.

The Result?

There is a lot of detail in the shot, as I visualized it. The soft light at the entrance, the lights in the room juxtaposed against the city lights outside it, the reflections, the shadows, the handle of the suitcase sticking out and reflecting in the glass, it’s shadow and lights on the bed, my shadows from the reading lights, the shadow from the chair in the passage, the general interplay between shades of dark and light. Basically, every item is where I wanted it, including the lights inside and outside the room. The idea is, hopefully, you will see something new, each time you look,

kinda like what you get with the photographer…

I really enjoyed the results of this 15 minute setup, the key being which lights to turn on and which to leave off. For the other side of the story, click

@CleMMzForrester, 2016 November 25

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