Above the Clouds ~#CleMMzPoetry #CleMMzZen

PoeticMeditations: Above the Clouds



Above the clouds my mind is clear
Relaxed as my wrinkle-free #Adidas gear
Mind on my model – no underwear

Content in this 747 as if it were luxury Lear.

My faith is in God, not landing gear
I’m at perfect peace 30k feet in air,
Or with my feet on the ground, as I am everywhere,
Carefully defining my atmosphere.

You probably think I don’t have a care,
Assuming things are with me as they outwardly appear-
That the whole world is in crisis – I am not unaware
Always has, always will… same sh!t, different year
Missile, musket, cannon, sword, drone, spear,
Mede, Persian, Jew, Gentile Eagle versus Bear
Constant war, strife, terror, pain, death, greed, despair

Governments, regimes, constituents all wondering where to go from here
Forgetting God already gave a solution simply, abundantly clear
“Love thy neighbor as thyself, and treat the earth with care
For I gave her all you need and you all can get a share”
But serving gods Power, Money, Greed, with no thought of being fair.
We’ve selfishly exploited and ruined her… too far beyond repair

So choose to breathe man-made pollution in all its forms but I choose God’s spiritual air
For if He is with me, and always near,
What or whom exactly, should I have cause to fear?

©2017 @CleMMzForrester

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