The Kiwanis Club of North St. Andrew (KCNSA) is a part of the global Kiwanis community of member-volunteers that contribute more than 6 million hours and over US$100 million each year in carrying out its mandate to help change the world for the better, one child and one community at a time. KCNSA has a track record of 37 years of solid service to the children, elderly and less fortunate in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world. We also sponsor leadership clubs in communities as well as in schools from preparatory/primary to the tertiary level, engendering good citizenship, service, leadership and self-development. The sitting president is Rohan Dawkins.

Fundraising Efforts:

On the basis of the strength and impact of its service initiatives, KCNSA enjoys excellent relations with corporate Jamaica, benefiting over the years from assistance in funding our volunteer projects. Members, individuals and other well-wishers have also contributed to the cause, but we have been hampered in recent years by reduction in donations due to the downturn in the economy. As such, we have had to be creative in not only seeking donations, but also hosting fund-raisers of one type or the other to fund our volunteer projects.

KCNSA Projects, Initiatives &  Beneficiaries

The club typically has 11 standing committees and up to five optional committees, key among these being Young Children  Priority One, Youth Services, Community Service and Sponsored Leadership Programmes – Circle K, Key Clubs, Builders Clubs and Kiwanis Kids Clubs.

Key projects and activities include, but are not limited to:

Youth Leadership, Mentorship & Scholarship Programmes, School Feeding Programmes, Leadership Training, Funding  for youth leaders to attend  district conventions, leadership/educational/recreational camps for children, Christmas Treats, Sharing and caring with wards of the state, Delivery  of meals and healthcare to indigents,  Service Projects, Parenting Seminars, , Assistance to hurricane, flood and fire victims, Health Fairs, Road Safety Programmes including  painting of pedestrian crossings, refurbishing and painting of school buildings, construction of classrooms, nurseries, hostels, other community or special projects such as the ‘Meals on Wheels’ grocery donation/feeding program in Nannyille, Jones Town, Fletchers Land, Red Hills and downtown Kingston, the  HIV/AIDS Program and “THE ELIMINATE PROJECT” (Kiwanis International), geared towards the worldwide elimination of Maternal Neo-natal Tetanus (MNT)

Director Clement Forrester,                             

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